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Access Mathematics Tests

  Access Mathematics Tests

Colin McCarty

The Access Mathematics Tests provide quick, standardised maths assessment across a wide age and ability range, and are suitable for both group and individual testing.

Overlapping tests cover ages 7 to 12 (Test 1) and 11 to 16+ (Test 2), each with parallel forms A and B to enable reliable ‘before and after’ assessment and/or progress testing. Norms are given as standardised scores, national curriculum levels and maths ages. The questions have been carefully designed to sample the strands/teaching objectives defined by the Mathematics Frameworks, progressing through the age groups.

Using the pencil-and-paper tests, you can assess a whole class in just 40–45 minutes, and evaluate group performance using the optional Scorer/Profiler CD-ROM (view demo- available shortly), available separately.

Alternatively, Access Mathematics Test–interactive – available in single-user and networkable versions – combines on-screen assessment with instant, automated marking and diagnostic performance profiling across the full 7–16+ range.

Product list:

Test 1, Form A                             
Test 1, Form B                            
Test 2, Form A                             
Test 2, Form B                            
Specimen Set                               
Scorer/Profiler CD-ROM              

Access Mathematics Tests–interactive (network and single-user versions)

The Access Mathematics Tests 1 and 2–interactive are purpose-designed for on-screen, wide-range standardised assessment, and provide instant scoring and diagnostic feedback. Both tests are available in two parallel forms, A & B: all four test forms are included. An ‘overview’ facility enables individual progress monitoring using all four tests.

Access Mathematics Tests–interactive:

  • offer fully standardised on-screen assessment – with instant scoring – in just 45 minutes
  • provide separate tests for ages 7–12 and 11–16+, each with parallel forms A & B to enable reliable ‘before and after’ testing
  • profile the strands/teaching objectives defined by the Mathematics Frameworks
  • automatically calculate standardised scores, percentiles, maths ages and National Curriculum level
  • flag maths ages which are a year or more behind chronological age
  • include an option to compare timed and untimed performance

Additionally, the network version generates a comprehensive range of class and whole yeargroup performance analyses and reports

Both versions come with a two-year licence which sets no limit to the number of pupils you can assess. A comprehensive User’s Manual (supplied as a pdf file on the CD-ROM) gives full information on how to use and get the most out of the system.

Access Mathematics Tests–interactive – network version (view demo)
Access Mathematics Tests–interactive – single-user version (view demo)

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