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Salford Sentence Reading Test (Revised)

G. E. Bookbinder, revised by
Denis Vincent and Mary Crumpler


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A simple and quick individual test of oral reading based on a series of sentences of graded difficulty. This popular test has now been brought fully up to date with new norms based on the performance of a nationally representative sample of children. The test is especially suitable for assessing children who appear to be failing to make satisfactory reading progress.

The Revised test consists of two equivalent forms, using sentences selected from the three original forms of the test. Each form comprises thirteen sentences presented in order of increasing difficulty which are administered following the procedures used in the original test. Reading ages are provided for children in the 5+ to 10+ age range. The laminated Test Cards X & Y are reusable, while the new Record Sheet is designed to facilitate scoring and diagnostic analysis.

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SSRT(R) Test Cards X & Y
SSRT(R) Record Sheet
SSRT(R) Manual 3rd edition
SSRT(R) Specimen Set 3rd edition
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