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Mathematics Assessment for Learning and Teaching

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A ground-breaking new approach to standardised, diagnostic Mathematics assessment for ages 5–14,
developed for Hodder Education by the University of Manchester.


Available in both pencil-and-paper and interactive computer-adaptive (CAT) formats, these nationally standardised tests – for groups or individuals – also yield diagnostic information which will directly support individual and whole-class teaching.

There is more information in children's responses than merely right/wrong. Teachers can use diagnostic error analysis to uncover response patterns for their class or for particular children.

MaLT assessments were purpose-written to highlight particular errors and misunderstandings which are diagnostic of key learning needs – counting errors, misconceptions with decimals, etc. MaLT also provides the summative measures of performance needed for screening, monitoring and progress assessment. MaLT tests have been standardised nationally, ensuring secure, reliable results.

MaLT samples all aspects of mathematics from Reception to Year 9, generating comprehensive assessments and providing:

  • standardised scores, percentiles and National Curriculum levels, plus
  • year-on-year progress assessment
  • attainment target performance profiles
  • individualised formative and diagnostic feedback to pupils
  • whole-class profiles identifying weaknesses, common misconceptions and errors.

For every child, a personalised, diagnostic report – generated automatically by computer-adaptive assessment (view demo); or computer-aided via user-friendly Scorer/Profiler CD-ROMs (view demo) from the paper-and-pencil tests – is available, indicating how the assessments might directly feed into teaching.

This dual formative–summative design will help schools and teachers to maintain rigorous standardised assessment while also developing formative assessment – assessment that informs teaching and guides future learning. MaLT will also support schools in moving from paper-and-pencil group screening of whole classes to individually-adapted computer assessment, on an assessment-when-ready basis.

Nationally standardised on over 12500 pupils and matched to the Numeracy Strategy and Frameworks, MaLT can be used at any time during the school year – for screening, monitoring and tracking progress, as well as for individual diagnostic profiling.

Year group
Norms for chronological ages (years:months)
England & Wales
Northern Ireland
MaLT 5 4:0 to 6:5
Reception Primary 1 Year 1
MaLT 6 5:0 to 7:5 Year 1 Primary 2
Year 2
MaLT 7 6:0 to 8:5 Year 2 Primary 3 Year 3
MaLT 8 7:0 to 9:5 Year 3 Primary 4 Year 4
MaLT 9 8:0 to 10:5 Year 4
Primary 5 Year 5
MaLT 10 9:0 to 11:5 Year 5 Primary 6 Year 6
MaLT 11 10:0 to 12:5 Year 6 Primary 7 Year 7
MaLT 12 11:0 to 13:5 Year 7 Secondary 1 Year 8
MaLT 13 12:0 to 14:5 Year 8 Secondary 2 Year 9
MaLT 14 13:0 to 15:5 Year 9 Secondary 3 Year 10

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NEW! Computer-adaptive assessment – on-screen, individually differentiated assessment, tailored to the ability and performance of the individual pupil, suitable for use from age 8+

Computer-adaptive assessment is sensitive to the individual pupil’s answers on the test, selecting and presenting new questions that are optimally matched to the pupil’s performance. This technique enables MaLT to explore each pupil’s mathematical knowledge, understanding and skills at the limits of his or her own ability, yielding a finely textured profile of what he or she can and cannot do. It also makes for highly efficient and effective assessment that significantly reduces teacher workload.

Fully computerised and networkable, the intuitive and fully interactive on-screen presentation gives instant analysis and results: National Curriculum levels and age-standardised scores (based on a minimum number of items per test) plus personalised feedback to support assessment for learning and focus support. Pupil reports and group performance analyses highlight strengths and pinpoint specific weaknesses at both individual and whole-class levels.

MaLT computer-adaptive testing is available in Primary and Secondary versions, for England & Wales and now for Scotland. A non-networkable single user version is also available.

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MaLT Diagnostic Mental Mathematics Tests

Mental mathematics – rapid recall of mathematical facts and versatile mental processing – is a key component of KS2 and KS3 national testing in England, and underpins general facility with numbers.

The MaLT Diagnostic Mental Mathematics Tests are standardised tests which are tiered across national curriculum levels 3–5. They include Number, Space, shape & measures and Handling data questions, and have been written by experienced test writers to reflect current national testing at Key Stages 2 and 3, but specifically also to include diagnostic analysis of pupils’ errors. Such errors can alert the teacher to key misconceptions, misinterpretations or faulty methods that can be addressed via one-to-one interactions or whole-class discussion.

The CD provides the audio-delivery for six tests, each in three timed sections (5, 10 and 15 seconds), plus a program to analyse individual and class results and pinpoint misunderstandings. Each section starts with easier questions and moves through to higher-level questions, each question being read to the children twice. The photocopiable answer sheets include prompts to aid pupils’ working memory.

The complete Mathematics assessment package, MaLT provides the essential data that schools need, plus powerful and efficient Assessment for Learning in line with ‘world-class’ practice. Use the Contact Us facility if you would like to know more!


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